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“Place at the end of the world built for people with passion for freedom, space, also air rush and roar of engines "


My name is Marek Stan (Snufkin).
The dream of my life was to built an unusual house. In Carpathians I wanted to combine two passions: mountains and motorcycles, creating something extraordinary ...

I love traveling while sitting behind the wheel of two-wheeled vehicle. A place that I created for you is a shelter of dreams and passion. A sanctuary and land!

Here motorcycle has priority, and the law is on the side of motorcyclists ... ALWAYS! I do not classify the motorcycles in any way ! Each one is beautiful and each one will find a place for itself.

The idea of this place is to combine mountain shelter, sheds field (see accomodation) or an ad hoc repair workshop. Carpathian Motorcycle Camp is a place for meetings, relaxation, fun and long motorcycle conversations.


The Camp is an open house (a shelter) where I live on a daily basis.

For your disposal as an accommodation base, beside of camping and motorcycle sheds, I have prepared five double guest rooms in the house. Moreover, if you get to the Camp on the wheels of motorcycle older than 40 years, you can park it at home at the honourable place next to the fireplace.



Price for 2 persons includes:
  • Parking for motorcycle
  • Shared bathroom
  • Access to shared kitchen

Room with bathroom


Price for 2 persons includes:
  • Parking for motorcycle
  • Private bathroom
  • Access to shared kitchen

Motorcycle sheds


Price per person includes:
  • Parking for motorcycle
  • Showers
  • Electrical outlets



Price per person includes:
  • Parking for motorcycle
  • Showers
  • Electrical outlets

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Carpathians on motorcycle

Everyone arrives to the Carpathians for a different purpose - to relax, explore, look for the past of autohtonics, play and finally riding a motorcycle hard and fast through curves and corners.

General information for road motorcycles:

1. Roads - supposedly in Poland we do not have them, but here is pretty good as for the national average. Definitely more turns than the holes.
2. There are some parts destroyed by trucks and lots of crosswise corrugations.
3. Need to pay attention to sand and rubble, especially on turns after rain!
4. General rate for roads – 4,5

Information for those, whose fun starts there, when tarmac ends:

1. Outside the National Park and its protective zone you can show off as much as you want.
2. In the forests we must observe the rule of silence but the authorities responsible for are favorable, so that they see our ridding quite resonable.
3. All Reservations are exclude from tourism ( always well signed)
4. Here we have a lot of infield and rubble roads at which you can give vent to emotions, of course in beautiful scenery.

Why Camp is a good starting point:

1. Is located near the Carpathians Big Loop
2. In Czarna ( 650 m from Camp) Small and Big Loop combine
3. 25km from border crossing with Ukraine in Krościenko
4. 20 km from Zalew Soliński

Personally I see everything here so charming and I think that years are needed to find your own favourite places here.


Carpathian Motorcycle Camp
( MGRS 34U FV21525 62794 ), UTM(34U 0621601 5462823)

38-710 Czarna
Czarna Górna 68B

Woj. Podkarpackie
pow. Bieszczadzki
gm. Czarna

email: kontakt@motocyklemwbieszczady.pl
tel: +48 601-161-534, +48 793-120-095